St.JOSEPH'S BOYS HIGH SCHOOL(18th,19th October2019)

Creative writing - Sinchana(3rd place)

Improv - Ulfath (3rd place)

Min to win it - Aditya, Yash, Rishab (2nd place)

Freestyle dance - College Dance Team (2nd place)

RJS PU COLLEGE (21st September, 2019)

Group Dance - 1st place

College Dance Team


Honourable Mention - Siddharth Nambiar

Special Mentions - Atul puri, Aditiya Bagrecha, Yash Merlecha, Pawan S S, Roshini Agarwal

Verbal Mention - Nisith

YuvaNova - Surana College (30th August, 2019)

Slam Poetry - Sinchana Shetty (3rd Place)

Gadi Do Gadi - Darsh Kothari (2nd Place)

Piece to Camera - Adarsh Anand and Riya Ron (2nd Place)

Debate - Pawan S S (1st Place)

Start Up - Aditya Bagrecha and Yash Merlecha (1st Place)

Business Quiz - Manan Ahuja and Pratyaksh Agarwal (1st Place)

Product Launch - Atul Puri, Shabbir Hussain and Dev Srisrimal (3rd Place)

Time Zone - Nirant Thakare and Shankar Raaj (2nd Place)

BIFROST - St. Joseph's Boys' High School (26th & 27th August, 2019)

Marketing - Yash Merlecha, Aditya Bagrecha and Govind (2nd Place)

Business Quiz - Manan Ahuja and Pratyaksh Agarwal (3rd Place)

Simulation - Atul Puri (3rd Place)

Ragnarok - Nirant Thakare and Dev Srisrimal


International School of Management Excellence, Bangalore, had organised a MUN on 17 and 18 of August 2019. The MUN delegation from Christ PU College left no stone unturned in bagging maximum recognition at this MUN.

Best Delegates - Aditya Bagrecha and Roshni Agrawal

Honorable Delegates - Yash Merlecha and Ulfath Tabassum

Commendable Delegates - Sidharth Nambiar and Bonny Benny

Special Mentions - Rishabh Jain, Keerthana, Pawan S S and Pranav P

Best Position Paper - Atul Puri

RESURGENCE - Bishop Cottons Boys' School (8th August, 2019)

Triangle of Trade - Shabbir Hussain, Yash Merlecha and Pratyaksh Agarwal (1st Place)

Impex - Govind D, Joel Thomas and Shruthi Chhajer (2nd Place)

Beyond the Tank - Atul Puri, Roshni Agarwal and Sidharth Nambiar (3rd Place)

CGMUN 2019

The MUN team of Christ PU College has been awarded as the Best Delegation at CGMUN 2019 held in Bishop Cotton Girls' School from 21-06-2019 to 22-06-2019. The team members have not fallen short of bagging other individual recognition as well.

Christ PU College MUN team and their individual recognition at CGMUN 2019-

  • Aditya Bagrecha - Best Delegate

  • Atul Puri - Best Delegate

  • Yash Merlecha - Commendable Delegate

  • Roshni Agrawal - Honorable Delegate

  • Ulfath Tabassum - Special mention

  • Sankya Badrinath - Special mention

  • Pawan S S

  • Sinchana J Shetty

  • Pranav Panchariya