Clubs and Associations

The college has various clubs and associations to cater to the holistic development of students. It serves as a platform to blend creativity with facts that makes the learning experience truly dynamic and tangible. An enthusiastic participation in these co-curricular activities will help students expand their horizon and learn beyond the classroom curriculum.

Christ PU College promotes the overall development of a student and thus encourages students in joining various activities conducted throughout the academic year. The college actively participates in inter-collegiate fests across the colleges in the city of Bangalore. Sports activities and National Cadet Corps(NCC) are also a big part of the college.

Student Welfare Office (SWO)

Student Welfare Office, Christ PU College, aims at training students for organizing college events and celebrations. This prestigious association aims at overall development of students in all areas of their two-year college life by providing the students with workshops and talks on various topics. SWO initiates all contacts for inter-college fests and the college dance team is an integral part of it.

Commerce Association

A beginning where there is no end – that’s what the commerce association is all about. This association aims at giving students a platform to launch their talents and thereby make them feel confident to face the challenges ahead of them in their career. Students actively involve in various competitions and organize events. The commerce association is at the core of all commerce related activities in the college.

Cultural Association

The cultural association of Christ PU College provides the best opportunity for students to showcase their talents apart from the academics. It provides a platform for students to exhibit their skills in various art, literary and stage events. The best performing students in every category are given opportunities to take part in fests and events across the colleges in Bangalore.

Editorial Board

The editorial board of Christ PU College consists of content creators, editors, photographers and designers. The board releases special editions of newsletters throughout the year and is also responsible for publishing the college magazine every year. The editorial board is the stepping stone for all those budding creators and editors to express their thoughts and views through print and digital media.

Debating Society

The debating society organizes workshops for students and trains them about MUN and Model Parliament. Mock sessions are conducted by second year students for the first year students for both MUN and Model Parliament. This society helps in preparing students for inter collegiate MUNs and Model Parliament competitions.

College Choir

The college choir consists of students who enjoy singing a wide range of music styles. Through its repertoire, the choir adds melody to the college programs. The students are trained for singing on different occasions.

Literary Club

The literary club of Christ PU College aims at developing the analytical and critical thinking of the students. The club promotes the knowledge of various cultures so that they accept the world’s variations and be broad-minded. Training is given to the students for the events (MC) and also arranges literary workshops for students.

Centre for Social Action (CSA)

Centre for Social Action(CSA) aims at nurturing budding minds and hearts towards social sensitization. It is a student movement aiming for a humane and just society with women and children as their focus. Various activities like rural exposure camps, publications, street plays, and child sponsorship are conducted by the Centre for Social Action.

Ques Tain

The Quiz club of Christ PU College, ‘Ques Tain’, is a locus which spurs its students to the summit and trounce its competitors. It is an ideal platform, where students are trained to organize various types of quizzes throughout the academic year.

Sports and National Cadet Corps (NCC)

Sports activities are given much importance at Christ PU College. Football, Volleyball, and Cricket teams are formed and students are allowed to take part and represent the college in sports events conducted across the city.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going’ is the philosophy that drives the cadets of the National Cadet Corps (N.C.C.). It makes its cadets emotionally and physically strong citizens, capable of helping civil administration during national emergencies.

Alumni Association

The alumni association of an educational institution is its greatest asset. It is a reflection of how well the institution has succeeded in achieving its goal. Students passing out of Christ PU College aim at and achieve nothing less than the stars. The values internalized by the students during their stay in the college makes them humane and competent to handle any challenge thrown at them. Every year the annual alumni gathering takes place during the second week of February.