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Educational Technology

One of the 21st century skills is the use of technology in Education. To make the teaching-learning process an interactive one, lessons are created using interactive presentations through both online and offline resources. These provide students a rich audio-video learning experience.


Main Auditorium - One of the largest state-of-the-art auditoriums in the city with a seating capacity for two thousand people at a time, the Main Auditorium is the venue for august occasions like the inauguration of the academic year, inter-collegiate fests, college day and graduation day, career guidance and Founder’s Day. We also have a KE Auditorium - an auditorium with a seating capacity of 500+ students and other facilities where we conduct our general assemblies, cultural programmes by the various clubs and associations

Banking Service

We have a diverse student body at Christ PU College and in order to meet their banking needs. We have a branch of the South Indian Bank in the campus with an ATM facility. Parents can also avail its services, if required.

Prayer Hall

We believe that it is important for all to be able to spend quiet time in the presence of the Almighty. As holistic education is what we aspire to deliver, we also have a prayer hall for our students to spend time in prayer and meditation.

Sports & Other Facilities

Basketball courts, football ground, throw ball and volleyball courts, a fine cricket pitch and facilities for indoor games like table tennis - all the sports requirements of our students are met at Christ PU College.

Eat outs

Food and good company are what every student enjoys. We have in the college, spaces where students can relish both in a healthy and hygienic environment. The Block 4 Cafeteria, Birds Park, Ivy Hall, Kiosk and the Gourmet Hall are some of the popular eat outs at our college. The college also has a pure drinking water facility. The Ivy and Gourmet Halls also have stalls for stationery, books, confectionaries, photocopying and Desktop Publishing.

Waste Management

Christ institutions know the importance of a green and healthy campus and Christ PU College also follows the same motto. On the campus, students are advised to follow waste management practices that aid in segregation of dry and wet waste and maintaining clean classrooms.